Abid Raja believes the leader of the Islamic Council should resign

Abid RajaAbid Raja.Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

Abid Raja believes the Secretary-General of the Islamic Council should resign to create tranquility in the organization.


In the debate to which the Islamic Council Norway had invited him, Raja, of Venstre political party (V), said that Mehtab Afsar had lost confidence to an unprecedented degree in parliament, in addition to being in conflict with the Minister of Culture, reported Vårt Land newspaper.


‘This doesn’t serve the Muslim community well. In any other organization, you would have resigned to create peace.

If there is to be a bridge between the majority community and the minority community, between non-Muslims in the large community, and Muslims, who are a minority, you have to have good bridge builders,’ said Raja in his opening argument.

As the situation stands now, Raja believes the Secretary-General and the Council are undermining their own role.


Afsar himself said that he is thriving, despite the criticism.


‘We must all give room to disagreements. I have a great potential for improvement, and work daily with myself to become a better person. I take this with a smile, and try to learn if there is something I can get better at’, said Afsar. He wouldn’t answer directly the question of whether his goal is to get back the state aid the Islamic Council recently lost.


‘The goal is to safeguard our main concern as an important player in society. It is up to the authorities to consider State aid,’ he said



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