Politician Abid RajaAbid Raja

Raja Ready for battle against terrorists

Norwegian Liberals (Venstre) Representative Abid Raja has been appointed a member of the counter-terrorist task force constructed by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).


The ad hoc counter-terrorist group, the Committee on Countering Terrorism (CCT), was organized by OSCE parliamentary decree in Minsk in July, 2017 and is tasked with assessing potential terrorist threats within the entire European region. The CCT is also mandated with supporting member states in developing effective, yet humanitarian, measures against terrorism. The group fosters security dialogue and the exchange of information and related counter-terrorism expertise between member countries of the OSCE.

Extremist Threats

Of his appointment, Raja said; ‘I feel the weight of the responsibility I’ve undertaken in accepting this nomination. Norwegian efforts must be directed towards eliminating extremism. Sadly, Islamic extremists represent a major terrorist threat within all of Europe. We’ve much to do abroad and here at home, both in the short and long term.’

Cruel Acts

‘Norway should be a driving force in Europe at creating regulations that prosecute the cruel criminal acts committed in the name of terror. It must take the initiative to punish those who lend support, participate,or actively encourage terrorism. A person seeking to receive training from a terrorist organization with the expressed goal of committing terror must be prosecuted’- says Raja.

7000 Threats

Raja maintains that Norway must also bring forth program initiatives and regulatory guidelines that will facilitate squashing the social forces fostering self-radicalization of potential extremists.

The latest E-service threat assessment (tabled Monday, March 5th) reports that about 40 mercenaries with links and/or ties to Norway currently operate within the Middle East. According to Utrop, Europe has 7000 people worthy of special security focus.

‘There’s every reason to be seriously concerned.’ Raja concluded.


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