Raja tells OSCE that ‘’we have a problem integrating Muslims’’

Politician Abid RajaAbid Raja

Left’s (Party Left) Abid Raja said that Europe has a problem integrating Muslims, and stressed that strict integration policy doesn’t work.


This weekend, the Venstre Representative attended a meeting on integration and extremism in the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in Vienna.

He stressed that Europe must recognize what is happening and react. One can not stand passively and look at it, he emphasized.

“The first thing we have to do is acknowledge that we have a problem.

We have not succeeded in integrating all Muslims well enough’’, he told VG newspaper.

He added, however, that he believes Europe is waking up from what he calls an “integration sleep”. He pointed out that even third-generation immigrants in some places in Europe are not yet integrated in the way politicians want them to be, and to the emergence of ghettos in countries such as England, France, Denmark, Sweden, and Belgium.

He hopes for a change of pace, leaving away from talking about strict integration policy, which he said does not mean much at all, and does not work.

‘’Who is the politician who comes and says they should be strict with my kids? That’s how “all” immigrants react. The whip never works, it never worked for any kind of human being, but they think it should work for immigrants,” said Raja.


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