Rapper regrets uttering against Jews

Rapper Kaveh KholardiRapper Kaveh Kholardi. Photo: Erik Buråas / Studio B13

Rapper regrets uttering against Jews during a family event

Rapper Kaveh Kholardi (23) apologizes unconditionally after making a derogatory uttering against Jews from the stage during an outdoor event in Oslo with many children present.


After wishing Muslims “eid mubarak”, the rapper followed up asking if there were any Christians or Jews present. After a short pause the rapper supposedly followed up with “Fock Jews … Nope, just kidding”.

Communication adviser in the St. Hanshaugen district of Oslo, Christine Thune, tells VG that the organizer has both followed up on the artist and apologized to those who have made contact and said they reacted to the uttering.

The Leader of the District’s selectees, Anne Christine Kroepelin, says that the issues at the event were diversity and inclusion, and emphasizes that anti-Semitism is exactly the opposite of what the organizer wished to promote.

Kaveh writes on Facebook that he is neither a racist nor hates Jews. He claims that the quote is taken out of context, but also writes that the last thing he wishes is to cultivate conflict.

– If there were any of the younger children who really got affronted or felt any kind of discomfort, I would very much like to meet them eye to eye and apologize, he writes.

Career (Wikipedia)

In 2010 issued Kaveh his first single «Boblejakka si», and then he released the EPs Alt eller ingenting in 2011 and Tiden er din in 2012. The minialbum Hjertet kommer først was next up in 2013. This release was nominated for the Spellemannsprisen (Norwegian “Emmy”) in the category rookie of the Year. Kaveh has been touring in Norway twice and has performed at the festival By:Larm several times.

In 2014 he released Snufs. He followed up with the debut album Sannheten Sårer, in November 2014. Shortly after that he released the album Salute.

On his 4th studio album/mixed tape released in July 2017 «Second Nature: Fire» Kaveh raps in English for the first time after having rapped in Norwegian his whole career, which started when he was 12-13 years old.


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