Raymond Johansen wants Norway to have a new debate on EU membership

Raymond JohansenPhoto: Terje Pedersen / NTB

Oslo City Council chief Raymond Johansen (AP) believes it is time for a new EU debate in Norway. His party colleague and parliamentary representative, Kari Henriksen, agrees.

Johansen called for a new EU debate in Norway in an article in the newspaper Aftenposten. In the article, he noted that the war in Ukraine means that Norway must relate to a changing world.

“The war in Ukraine has probably given many people a new view of what is important, and what are realistic goals for international cooperation,” Johansen stated. 

He believes that handling the war in Ukraine has changed the EU from a security policy “paper tiger” to a global heavyweight.

Henriksen agrees

Party colleague and parliamentary representative Kari Henriksen supports Johansen’s desire for a new EU debate.

“We don’t discuss international politics enough in Norway. It is important that we can have a broad discussion about how to solve the challenges we face in the future in a good way.”

Henriksen herself has voted against EU membership but has changed her mind since the last vote. Today, she says that she would vote “yes” when it comes to Norway’s EU membership. 

Frode Jacobsen, leader of the Oslo Labor Party and parliamentary representative, believes Johansen raises some good questions but is unsure whether it is the right time for a membership debate now. Jacobsen is also a supporter of Norwegian EU membership.

“We are in the middle of a war, and there is much else on the agenda,” he noted.

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