Rebellion against Arbeiderpartiet’s (Ap’s) asylum policy among major Ap supporters

Masud GharahkhaniThe Norwegian Labor Party.Masud Gharahkhani.Photo: Berit Roald / NTB scanpix

The Ap in Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, and Stavanger say no to the tougher line on asylum policy that the Ap leadership has proposed.


In all cities there are strong forces that have appealed against the line taken by Aps immigration spokesman, Masud Gharahkhani, wrote Klassekampen newspaper.

Gharahkhani has highlighted the fact that “immigration should be as limited as possible”, and that asylum families who have received a refusal should be checked until they are out of the country.

This weekend was the annual meeting of the Ap in Bergen, and a resolution on, “A humane and fair asylum policy” was adopted. The party in Bergen believes Norway should receive 25,000 quota refugees from the UN over the next five years.
The Stavanger Ap also had an annual meeting this weekend. As with their party comrades in Bergen, they dropped the word “strict”. Instead, the new policy must be “based on fighting against cruelty, and humanity, justice and solidarity.” The Ap in Stavanger want asylum seekers to get a work permit, to take in more quota refugees, more refugees from southern Europe, and several other liberalisations.

Frode Jacobsen, who heads Oslo Ap, said they were “clear decisions”. This autumn, the local parties decided that the Ap had to adopt a more liberal attitude towards the so-called ‘October asylum children’.

In Trondheim, acting chairman, Edvin Helland said that “we are for a humane, strict, fair, and generous policy”. When asked if Gharahkhani had gone too hard, he answered,“A little, yes. He came out of the jump incorrectly, but could land well”.



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