Recall of citizenship will be expensive

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Recall of citizenship after asylum will be expensive

The bill that the courts will determine for the recall of citizenship in asylum cases will cost the state up to a quarter of a billion in just the first year.


Just getting ready for all recall cases that have arisen will make the price tag more expensive wrote Aftenposten newspaper.

In line with the decision of the parliamentary majority last year, the Government has come up with a proposal that recalls of citizenship be dealt with in the courts and not by decisions of immigration management as of today.

At the same time, as the consultation process for the proposal is well underway, the Ministry of Education has engaged an analysis company to survey costs of the legislative amendment. The costs are driven by, among other things, the point in the law on free legal aid, in addition to the general legal process.

The amendment may eventually come into force in 2021, but already the year before, UDI expects that the pile of such recalls will surpass 1,000 items.

Sosialistisk Venstreparti’s (SV’s) Karin Andersen believes in more thorough investigations before giving citizenship, reducing the number of recall cases. At the same time, she wishes for a statute of limitations for older cases.


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