Reception centre director charged with sexual assault


A manager for several asylum centers is being kept in custody for four weeks, charged with sexual abuse of several children under 16 years of age, reports the newspaper Dagbladet.

According to police, the case concerns a two-digit number of children. Several of the children who have allegegedly been subjected to abuse, are according to the police  asylum children.

The man was detained on 18 of February. He does not acknowledge guilt, according to his defense counsel.

The prosecuting officer in the relevant police district says that they cannot say anything further about the investigation yet.

– It is just a week since he was arrested. We have conducted a tactical investigation in terms of questioning, which is the most extensive part of the investigation, and  in addition a technical investigation has taken place , he said to Dagbladet.

He would not comment on whether there are more people involved. He points out that they have their reasons for  imprisoning the man.

The Reception Director had recently created several refugee centers, his company had a turnover of several million kroner. and  he also has a fortune of several millions.

The man’s defence laywer does not want  not to say anything further for the sake of the investigation , and the children’s Counsel has no comments.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today