Record bites by vipers

SnakesSnakes.Photo: Cornelius Poppe / SCANPIX


The warm and dry summer weather has led to a sharp increase in the number of viper bites. In June, the poison control received twice as many inquiries as the year before.


The poison control and information, which can assist with information about everything from toadstools to chemical poisoning, indicates they have received a large number of viper bite inquiries.

“We have received a lot of inquiries this year and it is definitely so far a record year in the number of viper bites,” says Mari Tosterud, Department Director of Poison control and Information at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health for NTB.

In June of this year, Poison control and Information received 105 inquiries about emergency and chronic exposure to vipers with humans, compared with 52 inquiries in June last year.

“The increase is due to the heat and this causes people to move around more outdoors and often wearing thin shoes,” she says.

So far this year, Poison control and Information has received 221 inquiries. The total number of inquiries for 2017 was 257.


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