Record breaking beer seizures at Svinesund

BeerBeer.Photo: Pixabay

The officers at Svinesund border station seized 44,820 liters of beer on 4 December. The largest seized amount of beer at Svinesund during one day.


Two Polish-registered vehicles arrived at Svinesund at two-minute intervals on Monday, December 4 at 06:00, Customs Services said.

When custom officers stopped the first vehicle, they found 22,680 liters of beer. With the help of the police, the second truck was also inspected and it had 22,140 liters of beer as well hidden in the load.

The total seizure of 44,820 liters of beer is equivalent to 2.58 million NOK in tax evasion, alone.

The Customs and Toll Agency states that beer is now smuggled in, in much larger lots than before. In 2017, 16 of the seizures were of more than 10,000 liters of beer.

Last year, 557,000 liters of beer were seized, while 566,500 liters were seized throughout 2016.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today