Record heat for February in five counties

Photo: Cornelius Poppe / Scanpix

A total of five counties set heat records in February, Aust-Agder, Rogaland, Hordaland,Sogn and Fjordane, and Oppland.

The monthly temperature for the whole country was 3.5 degrees above normal.

The month was among the 15 to 20 hottest in a series dating back to 1900 the Meteorological Institute reported in its summary for February.

The relatively hottest were in Eastern Norway, Southern Norway, and in the mountains in southern Norway, with 5 to 6 degrees above normal.A few
measuring stations in Troms and Finnmark were close to normal.

The monthly rainfall was 150% of normal.Some stations in Nordland and Troms received about three times the normal rainfall.A few stations north
of eastern Norway and in Trøndelag received less than 50% of the normal.

The new county record for Aust-Agder was set in Landvik in Grimstad on the 26th of February at 18.7 degrees.

In Rogaland, the new record is 14.2 degrees,in Hordaland 15.7,in Sogn and Fjordane15.5 and in Oppland 13.3 degrees.

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