Record high compensation after dental visits

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Last year 175 people received compensation for mistreatment by Norwegian dentists. Over NOK 15 million was paid out to unsatisfied patients.

The Norwegian patient injury compensation (NPE) handled a total of 373 claims in 2016 by people who were unsatisfied with their dentist.

A total of 175 patient claims were granted compensation, which amounts to 47%, according to P4.

– The typical examples of claims we receive are for the mistreatment associated with a root canal, poor crown and bridge replacement and inadequate follow-up over several years.

In 90% of the claims where compensation was granted, it is associated with mistreatment, says Communications Director Øydis Ulrikke Castberg in NPE to the radio channel.

Those who were granted compensation for their complaints last year, received a total of NOK 15.6 million in damages.

According to the Norwegian Dental Association, eight out of ten adults in this country visit the dentist annually, which means that the private dental clinics are treating more than three million people each year.

– Any complaint is of course too much, but the numbers are not particularly high in light of the proportion of the population that are using dentists, says President of The Norwegian Dental Association, Camilla Hansen Steinum.

She emphasizes that the association is pleased that the complaint procedure is more commonly known, and that patients are receiving the support they should have.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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