Record numbers for the March 8th parade in Oslo

Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix

It was expected that the abortion case would lead to a large numbers in attendance at this year’s Women’s day. In Oslo, a new record was set in the March 8 parade with 14,000 participants.

The previous record was set in 2014. Then the fight was for the Conscious Clause as the most important battle and 11,000 met up at Youngstorget, writes Klassekampen. Last Friday, there were 3,000 more.

“14,000 were in the streets for the 8th March parade. This is a political earthquake,” says Arne Rolijordet, who has long experience of counting people in parades. He seems the attendance reminded him of a large May 1 parade.

“There were many more groups that participated than before. Christians, immigrant organizations and the Climate friendly Party the Green,” says Rolijord.

In Bergen, the organizer spoke to 3,200 participants.

“I am very pleased with the rally during the parade, good appeals and great commitment,” says Lena Seim Grønningsæter, who heads the city’s 8th of March committee.

Committee chairman Astri Merete Holm in Trondheim reports 2,500 people in parades in the Trønder capital.

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