Record support for the EEA in poll

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6 out of 10 would vote “yes” to the EEA agreement if there was a
referendum tomorrow found a poll done for Klassekampen and Nationen newspapers.

The support for the EEA Agreement has increased and is today at its
strongest according to Sentio Research Norge AS’s poll for the two papers.

In the poll, 61% of those asked would vote “yes” if there was a referendum tomorrow.

When Sentio started with EU and EEA polls for the newspapers in 2012, 46% said they would have voted in favour of the agreement if there was a referendum the next day, while 34% would vote no. Since then, support for Norway’s cooperation agreement with the EU has increased in the company’s measurements.

In Tuesday’s survey, 25% said they would have voted “no”, while 11%
responded “don’t know”. The strongest support came from those who vote Høyre, with 81% saying “yes”, while there was the strongest opposition from those who vote Rødt, with 51% saying “no”.

The survey also asked questions about attitudes to membership of the EU. Here, 26% answered “yes”, 64% “no”, and 11% “do not know”.

1001 people from all over the country participated in the survey.

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