Red accused of hate rhetoric

Trond Helleland hate rhetoricTrond Helleland, Conservatives, Buskerud. Photo:

Red accused of hate rhetoric by the Conservatives

MP Trond Helleland (Conservatives) accuses Red of using hate rhetoric and believes it is shameless to use terms such as welfare profiteers.


The heated exchange between Parliamentary Leader of the Conservatives (Høyre), Trond Helland, and Leader of Red, Bjørn Moxnes, comes in the wake of the Swedish care giant Ambea swallowing parts of Aleris Care. to Avisenes Nyhetsbyrå, who first mentioned the matter, Helleland is clear about what he thinks of Moxnes’ opinions.

– People who provide good services to residents are welfare innovators. They contribute with innovative ideas and enhance the quality of public services. For that, they deserve a ”thank you very much”, and not hate rhetoric originating from World War II, says Helland.

Bjørnar Moxnes believes, on his part, that the Conservatives no longer can pretend that the concept of welfare profiteers does not exist.

– Private investors spend money on welfare because it is attractive and profitable. Now, the Conservatives must shelve rhetorical exercises and stop painting the reality using pastel colours. The phrase welfare profiteer is not discreditable, Moxnes retorts.


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