The Red Cross can not find the owner of a million NOK lottery winning


A person who pledged recyclable bottles, (which you receive money for in Norway) at Skånevik in Sunnhordland last week, won one million kroner in the pledge lottery. The Red Cross however can not find the winner.

Last Thursday the person pledged some bottles at Spar in Skånevik, but left the recycling machine without checking the receipt that came out of the machine.

The receipt showed that the person had won one million knorer.

The local newspaper Grannar was the first paper to write that the Red Cross can not find the owner of a million kroner winnings that is rightfully their’s.

– Most likely the person wanted to donate pledge money to the Red Cross, and has probably just walked away from the pledge machine without taking the receipt of their winnings, said the CEO of Pant Lottery, Gaute Langdal to TV2 News.

– If there is anyone who thinks they can prove they are the rightful winner, we ask that you contact our customer service department. I think this is unlikely to happen, says Langdal to NRK news.

If Red Cross  is unable to track down the winner within 90 days the   winnings will go back to Red Cross.

There were clerks who discovered the receipt and locked it into a safe, before they contacted Pant Lottery. According to newspaper VG the Spar shop on Skånevik expect a small reward if the owner does not arise.

– The operation performed was exemplary. It might have been tempting for the store to keep this reward them self, said Langdal.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today



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