Red danger warning issued: Northern Norway braces for extreme weather, storms, and cold

Red warningPhoto: Meteorologisk institutt

Extreme gusts of wind and severe cold will create major challenges in parts of Northern Norway from Thursday. 

Extreme gusts are expected in Helgeland, Salten, Ofoten, Sør-Troms, and Nord-Troms. Very strong winds are also expected in Namdalen in Trøndelag.

From Thursday afternoon, storms are expected from the east and southeast with extremely strong gusts of between 35 and 50 meters per second, the Meteorological Institute warns.

According to the Norland police, the extreme weather is expected to arrive in Nordland by 1:00 PM. On Twitter, they encourage people to secure loose items.

The storm will be worst from Thursday afternoon to Friday afternoon, but there will be large variations in wind strength. 

In some places, there will be little wind, while there will be extremely strong gusts in other places.

In addition, exposed places are likely to experience very low temperatures. The combination of storms and low temperatures can present a number of challenges.

Dangerous weather

“It is dangerous to be outdoors, and large damage is expected to buildings, infrastructure, forests, and power grids,” the warning states.

There is also a great danger for flights, boat departures, and other transport. Bridges and roads can be closed, roof tiles could be blown off buildings, and the power supply can be affected.

Local power supply locally and the road network will likely be affected. 

The strong wind could also create high waves in fjord areas and lakes, warns.

Trouble for soldiers

The gusts of wind and the cold also lead to trouble for the 600 American soldiers on exercise in Northern Norway. 

The tent camps are not able to withstand the expected storms. Thus, the soldiers were transported by bus from Bjerkvik to Harstad already on Tuesday night, newspaper Nordlys writes.

“When we have winds that are this strong, plus the minus degrees, we get an effective temperature that is very harsh. 

“There would be a danger that the tents would be blown down… We chose to move all the American soldiers out of safety concerns,” the army’s spokesman Eirik Skomedal told the newspaper.

Due to the corona situation, the Americans have used smaller tents. They are not as solid as the tents that were originally supposed to be used.

Source: © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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