Red Party thinks Norway should oppose Sweden’s and Finland’s NATO membership

Photo: Beate Oma Dahle / NTB

Norway’s Red Party (Rødt) believes that Sweden’s and Finland’s NATO membership will not contribute to peace and security in the Nordic region. The party wants Norway to vote against Swedish and Finnish membership.

Finland and Sweden handed in their NATO applications at the Alliance’s headquarters in Brussels on Wednesday morning. The applications must be ratified by all 30 allies before the two can be admitted as new members.

On Wednesday, Rødt discussed the party’s position internally and decided that Norway should oppose the expansion of the Alliance.

Moxnes: Important to secure Nordic region as nuclear-weapon-free zone

“The Nordic countries have an interest in low tensions in the High North, but American bases and increased NATO militarization near the Russian border area increase tensions and draw us closer to great power rivalry between the US and Russia,” Red Party leader Bjørnar Moxnes wrote in a Facebook post.

With two new Nordic NATO members, this development will be strengthened, Moxnes believes.

“With Sweden and Finland as NATO members, it will be more important than ever to stick to base policy and secure the Nordic region as a nuclear-weapon-free zone. We expect the Norwegian government to provide clear support for the Swedish reservations against the deployment of nuclear weapons and permanent bases on Swedish territory,” he added.

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1 Comment on "Red Party thinks Norway should oppose Sweden’s and Finland’s NATO membership"

  1. Never in my life thought I’d be agreeing with “the commies,” and I strongly and publicly opposed the nuclear freeze and nuclear free zone initiatives back in Alaska in the 1980s, but that was during President Reagan, before *we* became the aggressor with our Kosovo bombing war we/NATO forced with Appendix B of the Rambouillet Treaty … which is why Putin constantly refers back to Kosovo as precedent for Russia’s counter-moves … and Libya, etc. since.

    WHY do Sweden and Finland want to join an alliance actively if not yet officially at war against Russia? And the Russians have now officially stated we are at war against them.
    The last time Finland did that, joining Nazi Germany’s 1941 invasion holocaust – thinking also here of the Kyiv coup government’s neo-Nazi backing – in its Continuation War, it turned out … very badly. This would be infinitely worse.

    Finland and Sweden joining guarantees that NATO’s inevitably nuclear war with Russia will be fought up here too, and I understand that there is still active contamination just from Chernobyl 1986 up in the Dovrefjell.

    Why aren’t Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Peace Prize Norway instead urging Kyiv – and our neocon/”liberal interventionist” pro-war Biden&Blinken government – to accept a fair security treaty, with complete neutrality and territorial concessions considering our coup, in return for Russia’s final formal recognition of Ukraine statehood and sovereignty … and a permanent peace?

    Earth is starting to boil, and we’re completely side-tracked by this??

    I urge readers to read that excellent, impassioned pre-war column by those two Young Communist girls, asking us to understand the Russians’ security needs – fears – after 18 million Russian dead men, women, and children from that Finland-assisted 1941 Nazi invasion. (7 million innocent others died in the East as well.)

    And I again ask readers to consider my own Yahoo! News column, “Lou Coatney: Russia now left with no choice but nuclear war.”

    This is exactly like before the two previous world wars: We think it can’t happen, so it can. We think it won’t happen, so it *will*.

    And our belligerent Western governments have us – our families – completely, criminally unprepared to survive the holocaust.

    Aren’t there any other parents and grandparents living in Norway?

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