Refugees resettled in record numbers

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Everything indicates that the government has broken all records settling 16,000 refugees this year. – We are trying to solve settlement challenge, says IMDi Bjorn Holden.

Fresh figures from July that news agency NTB got access to on Wednesday, show that there are 33 percent more residents so far this year than there were in the same period last year.

–  So far this year 6620 people applied for residency and expectations are that we are going to land somewhere in the range 15000 and 16000 , said Deputy Director Bjorn Holden of Integration and Diversity (IMDi).

– It shows that local authorities have both the willingness and ability to set up programs when there is an extraordinary need, he adds.

The National Committee for the reception and settlement says the need for resettlement has lowered in demand. Their prior estimates of 18,000 is now 16,000 seats this year. All indications show that their goal will be achieved.

Qualification and jobs

In 2017  municipalities look to be able to accept all the refugees who are waiting for a home.

– Municipalities have built up their capacity, everything suggests that it will resettlement will go well.  This means that municipalities must plan for a hectic autumn, winter and spring if we are to achieve rapid settlement of all refugees who can now stay, says Holden.

He points out that the bulk of the settlement will come in the rest of this year and first half of 2017.

– We are trying to solve settlement challenges in Norway. Municipalities must now focus on qualification, education and work for all refugees who are residing here. It is crucial that the settlement will be sustainable for the municipalities, he explained.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today