The government proposes more financial support for religious minorities

Minister of Foreign Affairs Børge BrendeMinister of Foreign Affairs Børge Brende

The government proposes to strengthen financial support for religious minorities with NOK 30 million more.


“70 percent of the world’s population lives in countries where freedom of faith and freedom of life is limited. Therefore, we will continue to strengthen the work of freedom of faith and freedom of life for the benefit of religious minorities,” said Foreign Minister Børge Brende (H) to Our Country.

Since the Solberg government took power, there have been gradual increases in support for religious minorities over the last four years. From NOK 10 million in 2013 to NOK 48 million in 2017.

On next year’s budget, the government will increase the grant by another NOK 30 million, to a total of NOK 78 million.

– Religious minorities are among the most vulnerable groups in war and conflict. Minorities are often used as buffers between conflicting groups. The situation of religious minorities in Iraq and Syria is particularly worrying, says Brende.


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