Bereaved plagued by dogs in cemeteries

CemeteryIllustrasjon. Cemetery

Cemeteries in Stavanger are used as a place to take the dogs out. Salvatore Curto is so distraught that he is considering moving his wife’s grave to Italy.

– It disturbs me in my sorrow, I feel that they have no respect for my wife. I cry deep inside when I think of my wife being buried in the ground where the dogs go and where they are pooping and peeing, Curto told NRK news.

He has now sent a letter to the bishop in which he asks for this practice to be put to an end. Curto, originally from Italy, says that in his homeland, no one would even consider bringing dogs to a cemetery.

– I simply want to move back to Italy  and bring my wife there, he said.
Cemetery manager in Stavanger, Per Øyvind Skrede, points to the current regulations.

– According to current regulations, you are allowed to bring a dog to a cemetery.

But there are rules for how dogs are to behave when they are on the  with their owners, he said.

Dogs in cemeteries are a source of conflict in other parts of the country as well.

This spring  Adresseavisen  wrote that employees at Havstein cemetery were exasperated with dog owners who do not pick up the stools of their dogs.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today