Relatives should visit their loved ones near the end of life

Bent HøieMinister of Health and Care services Bent Høie (Conservative Party).Photo: Ole Berg-Rusten / NTB scanpix

Relatives who visit their loved ones who are critically ill and near the end of their lives are given exemptions from visiting rules at institutions, says Bent Høie (Høyre).

“The institutions are to facilitate this, and it is important that all health institutions follow up that their relatives may be with them when their lives end,” the Minister of Health said at a press conference on Wednesday.

Due to the risk of infection, the number of visits to nursing homes and hospitals has been reduced. Bent Høie also spent time during his briefing to talk about and praise the relatives in a special time.

“We can’t promise all the help you need, but we promise to do the best we can,” said Høie.

“We know that many relatives find it difficult not to be able to visit their loved ones in nursing homes, and that this makes the time extra difficult for many,” he added.

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  1. With the gravity of the situation, Queen Elizabeth has recorded a speech to Britons which will be broadcast Sunday evening. Here is my comment under the brief article on Independent about that:

    Here in Norway, King Harald gave such an address a week or two ago, and it really helped everyone. He was a pillar of strength for Norway in July 2011 then too, after the terror attack.

    His basic theme was that we should all be thinking of and helping each other.

    And, again, if Britain and Norway finally make wearing even just homemade facemasks mandatory, we would all be wearing them for each other, since they are most effective keeping the infection from spreading OUT from an infected person or from the far many more who don’t know they are infected (for up to 14 days).

    God Save the Queen.

    BlackArrow aka Lou Coatney

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