We rely on the King and Bjørgen

King HaraldKing Harald .Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix

King Harald and Marit Bjørgen (a Cross country star) comes out best on a list of people the Norwegians trust the most. They still lag behind NRK news and Medicin Sans Frontiers though.

73 per cent say they have confidence in the broadcasting corporation the Confidence Survey revealed, conducted by TNS Gallup on behalf of the communication agency Trigger. MSF enjoys confidence of 58 percent, followed closely by the king with 57 percent.
– Norwegians are a safety-oriented nation. We appreciate institutions and public figures who are predictable and don’t stick out more than necessary. We rely more on the recognizable than what is surprising,  and this is shown in this confidence survey very clearly, says CEO Preben Carlsen Trigger. The study was presented on Thursday, reported the newspaper Aftenposten.

Trust your friends 
Marit Bjørgen and state meteorologist Kristen Gislefoss follow just behind King Harald; respectively 50 and 49 percent say they have confidence in them.
There are also an indications that most people have someone they trust in their own circle. At least match 52 percent said they had confidence in the “recommendations from their own friends.”
Media far down
Although NRK is enjoying outwitting the top, it says confidence is poorer with regard to other media sources. Aftenposten is the most credible newspaper, with 49 percent saying they trust what it says . The major tabloids is down at 8 to 11 percent, while the typical celebrity magazines are perceived as the least plausible.
Amongst the people who enjoy greater trust than many media channels, we find both business executives and politicians.
– It is sad from a media perspective that most people trust the sources more than those organisations that are meant be critical of them, says Carlsen.