Man remanded after shots fired in Oslo

Gun handguns shot handgunHandgun. Photo: Norway Today Media

Man in his twenties remanded after shots fired in Oslo

A man in his twenties is remanded for four weeks after several shots were fired in Oslo City Centre last week. Another man was seriously injured in the incident.

The imprisoned man is charged with attempted murder. He is detained with letter and visiting bans.

The shooting took place early Friday morning. A bleeding man came into a store and said that he had been shot shortly after 5 am.

When the police came to the place, they heard several shots. The police then continued to an apartment in Nedre Slottsgate. The police shot their way into the apartment. The suspect was thence arrested just before 6 am.

“Shots were fired over the heads of police and ambulance personnel,” informs Head of the Joint Operational Service of Oslo Police District, Gunn Anita Bjørnbakk, during a press conference on Friday afternoon.



Three to five shots fired

The police assume that the suspect fired between three and five shots in total.

Both the accused and the victim are Norwegian citizens in their twenties, according to the police. Both are known to the police from earlier encounters.

The police have previously stated that there probably is a relationship between them.

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