Rented 189-seater aircraft to return 15 Gambians

Departures 7 out of 10 NorwegiansOslo Airport Gardermoen. Departures. Photo Harald Breievne.Norway Today Media

Norwegian authorities spent over 90,000 kroner on transporting each of the 15 asylum seekers back to Gambia. 1.3 million went to the leasing of the aircraft.
The  price tag of 1.3 million for the flight itself is equal to around 86,000 kroner per transmitted person. With the additional costs of salaries, accommodation and subsistence of the accompanying officials, the total price even higher, according to the newapaper Dagens Næringsliv.
The 15 asylum seekers were escorted out of Norway by 30 so-called security officials. In addition, the airplane was manned by a crew of seven, according to the Gambian newspaper The Daily Observer.
Everybody left Norway with the 189-seater charter plane from Czech Travel Service on the 17, of February.
The cost of flight assignment to Gambia is far above the average costs for previous charter mailings, according to the Police Immigration. Average variable expense (aircraft, overtime, hotel and transportation) for accompanied deportation last year was approximately NOK 50,000 per person, according to communications consultant Tuva Otterlei Blikom.
For unaccompanied transport the equivalent expenditure was slightly in excess of 6,000 million


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today