Reopens the Tina Jørgensen murder case

Valberg stavanger Tina Jørgensenthe Valberg tower in Stavanger. Tina Jørgensen was murdered under the city bridge in the background. Photo: Pieter Wijnen.

The police reopen the Tina Jørgensen murder case

A new group of investigators will reopen the investigation of the 18 years old Tina Jørgensen murder case from Stavanger.


Earlier this year, the cold case unit of the Norwegian Crime Unit (Kripos) reviewed the murder case from 2000. Kripos recommended that the Southwest police district undertake further investigation, albeit to a limited extent.

The police district has now put together a group of investigators who have not previously been involved in the case. They have so far started the work and have established a base in Sandnes.

Responsible lawyer in the case, Unni Byberg Malmin, was in the summer in meetings with Kripos and representatives of the newly formed investigative team.

Meeting with Kripos

– Here we got a review of both the case and the report prepared by Kripos. It is mainly about the tactical investigation and follow-up of both old and new tips in the case, she writes in a press release.

The investigation team will consist of 7-8 investigators with different backgrounds and expertise, in addition to the responsible lawyer. It is taken into account that all or part of the project will last until summer 2019.

– Kripos is at disposal as well, says Byberg Malmin.

New tips

In April’s report, Kripos pointed to several men who ought to be investigated further, both persons who have previously been part of the investigation and others as well.

According to NRK has two sources without knowledge of each other giving new tangible tips about a man who talked to Tina Jørgensen outside the Burger King restaurant in the city centre of Stavanger. He was supposedly interrogated as a witness by the police regarding the case in 2001.

Another tip that came last winter is so interesting that Kripos started the initial investigation the day after it was delivered to them.

Several dismissals

The 20-years-old Tina Jørgensen disappeared in 2000 without a trace after spending the night on the town with her boyfriend. A large-scale search for her was launched in the Stavanger area.

Her body was found by chance hidden in a drain on the parking lot at the Bore Church, Jæren on October 26th, 2000. The autopsy revealed that she was beaten to death.

No one has been convicted of the murder of Tina Jørgensen, but her boyfriend was charged with the deed at the time. The charges were formally dropped in 2014. In 2015 four men were arrested and charged with the murder, but the charges against them were also dropped quite fast.



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