Reports of extortion emails several places

email spam extortionBeware of email scams. Scam flourish on the net and even the best spam filters are sometimes unable to detect them.

Reports to the police of extortion emails several places

Police across Norway have been approached by worried persons who are threatened by the sender publishing intimate pictures of them if they do not pay up, according to NRK.


In the West Police District, they have received five reports, Oslo eight,  Møre & Romsdal two and «more than ten» in both South Eastern and Nordland Police Districts.

Additionally, Troms Police District has told between five and ten persons that they can ignore and delete such emails.

– It seems that someone has sent a number of emails to Norwegians during the night and early hours on Sunday, Communications Adviser in the Crime Unit (Kripos), Jonas Fabritius Christoffersen, tells NRK.

The extortion emails state that the sender posses video footage of the recipient watching pornographic material. The video allegedly is recorded after hacking the camera on the device. The recipient is threatened by the blackmailer that the footage will be published on the web unless the intended victim pays up.

«We are aware of your little and big secrets … yes, you have them. We watched and recorded your binge on porn sites», It can be read from a screengrab of such an email that NRK possesses.

Christoffersen tells the national broadcaster that this is a scam and encourages recipients to delete the email and forget about it.

He furthers says that it would be wise to reinforce the security of the email account by, for example, enabling two-step login which issues an alert if somebody else logs in and installing a decent spam filter.


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