Rescue operations from mountain ledges

Mountain Climbing Rescue Operation mountain ledgesMountain Climbing. Photo:

Rescue operations from mountain ledges three places in Norway

On Friday evening, rescue operations to bring down people from mountain ledges were active in Senja, Mosjøen and Jotunheimen.


Two people climbing Vetle Skagastølstind in Jotunheimen were, during the night before Saturday, brought up from the mountain ledge where they had been stuck, to the top of the mountain. Saturday morning they were brought down from the mountain by a rescue helicopter, the Main Rescue centre of Southern Norway (HRS) at Sola informs.

Vetle Skagastølstind is 2,340 meters tall, and the two were stuck on a mountain cliff near the top of the mountain when they were unable to climb either down or back up any further.

Three in Troms

In Northern Norway, the Main Rescue Centre received a message about a group of people that were stuck on a steep and slippery mountain ledge about 300 metres up in the Svanfjell on Senja in Troms.

An air ambulance transported three climbers from Tromsø Alpine Rescue Group to pick up the group. At 11:20 pm the assignment was fulfilled without any dramatics, writes Nordlys.

Australian injured

A bit further to the south of Norway, a Norwegian and an Australian were on a trip on Brurskanken at Mosjøen in Nordland on Friday evening, according to VG. When the two got into trouble, the Norwegian called the HRS himself.

– The Norwegian called to say that the Australian had fallen and injured his knee on the mountain. We used to use the air ambulance from Brønnøysund and he was flown to the hospital in Mosjøen, says Rescue Leader at HRS North Norway, Sten-Rune Nikolaisen, to the newspaper during the night before Saturday.


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