All rescued when vessel sank in the Oslo fjord

The 124 years old boat JohannaNesoddtangen.The 124 years old boat Johanna.Photo : Lena Thoren / NTB scanpix

All 156 people on board got away safe and sound when a vessel ran aground and sank at Nesoddtangen in the Oslofjord on Saturday night.

The 124 years old boat Johanna was on the blue cruise on the inner most point of the Oslo Fjord when she hit rocks just off Nesoddtangen and began taking on water.

– We have no overview of the events, beyond that it is quite obvious that she hit the bottom when she ran aground, but we do not know anything about the reason for this, says operations manager Paul-André Thorsby of East police. Early Sunday morning he informed that the rescue mission was formally concluded and that no one is missing after the incident. There were 149 passengers and a crew of seven on board when the boat sank.

– We are now working to secure the boat and there will be security on site at night. In addition, we will search for explanations and try to find out what has caused the incident, said Thorsby. Routine blood alcohol tests were conducted but Thorsby emphasizes that there is no suspicion of intoxication.The skipper blew at zero.

Main rescue central dispatch for Southern Norway was notified Saturday at 9:22pm that the boat was taking on water. A rescue boat, one Police Boat and fire services participated in the rescue operation. In addition, a Sea King from Rygge and an air ambulance from Lørenskog were called in to assist.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today