Researcher: Norway must prepare for refugee inflow from Ukraine in case of war

Photo: AP Photo / Vadim Ghirdać

Norway and the other Nordic countries must be prepared for an influx of Ukrainian refugees in case of war, researcher Jakub M. Godzimirski told the newspaper Vårt Land.

A possible war between Russia and Ukraine could trigger a major refugee crisis in Europe. Poland, Romania, and Slovakia are now preparing to receive thousands of refugees.

“But Norway and the other Nordic countries must also prepare for more refugees as a result of a war,” Godzimirski told Vårt Land.

“We have to count with that. Norway is known for being a good country to live in. People on the run seek protection firstly, a safe country, such as Poland and Slovakia. But Ukrainian refugees will also come to the Nordic countries and other European countries,” he told Vårt Land.

Huitfeldt: Norway is preparing for various scenarios

Foreign Minister Anniken Huitfeldt (AP) says the government is preparing for various scenarios, such as a refugee crisis or energy crisis, but she believes that it is too early to say anything about what will happen in the future, Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reports.

She says Norway will continue to support Ukraine and that the authorities are now looking at how they can provide support. Norway does not provide military support to countries at risk of war, NTB reports.

Source : © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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2 Comments on "Researcher: Norway must prepare for refugee inflow from Ukraine in case of war"

  1. Letting them in would be suicide for the country. Local politiciansust be more concerned about those who are already in Norway.
    Such inflow of cheap workforce will cause major bankruptcies in local middle class (plumbers, electricians, people in construction and others). And then they will move forward to occupy offices. Same thing happens in the Baltics. Locals are not welcome by employers anymore and salaries dropped too.

  2. On 16Dec20, only 2 countries voted against anti-Nazi/anti-neo-Nazi UN General Assembly Resolution 169: Ukraine and Pompeo&Trump’s U.S. – 130-2-51.
    The Ukraine government HAD to vote against the resolution, because Ukrainian neo-Nazi Right Sector and other ultra-nationalists had been key players in our&their 2014 Kiev coup and are so keeping the current Ukraine government in power. This earned it the Russian UN accusation of it being a Nazi government.
    As well, there are 3 credible sources now accusing the ultra-nationalists – not Yanukovich’s overthrown government – of being the snipers who murdered the 100 Kiev demonstrators to escalate the protests with homicidal violence into the Maidan “revolution” – the coup.
    So some of these refugees would be very evil people, and the Norwegian government would have to screen them at least as closely as they screen Afghanistan and other refugees.

    In any case, it looks like the Russians feel they have made us sweat enough that we *will* take their security concerns seriously and give them the fair and comprehensive peace and security treaty that they need … and they are pulling their troops back.
    So to our Western pro-war neocons’ obvious disappointment, it looks like NO WAR and no refugees.
    I do think the scary past couple of months have opened the eyes of many people in the West about some of the evil operators we have in power and/or influence, and the growing strength of the *antiwar* left in Norway may reflect that.
    In any case, this de-escalation is a BIG relief, and we can now return to more legitimate priorities like saving the environment – Life – and preserving our quality of life for our families – for our children.
    Very glad to see Foreign Minister Anniken Huitveldt voicing the importance of calming things back down to normal today.

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