Resigns if KrF supports vote of no confidence

KrF Christian Democrats Kristelig FolkepartiKnut Arild Hareide, Christian Democrats (Kristelig Folkeparti), Hordaland. Photo: Stortinget.No

The Solberg Government will resign if KrF supports the vote of no confidence against Listhaug, according to VG

The Solberg Government will fold the cards if the Christian Democrats (KrF) supports the vote of no confidence against Minister of Justice, Sylvi Listhaug (Progress Party). A central source in the Government system tells this to VG.


On Tuesday, the Parliament (Stortinget) will, according to what is planed, vote over a proposal of no confidence against Sylvi Listhaug after her attack on Labour on her Facebook page last week, her apology has not been accepted by the opposition. The motion is put forward by Red (Rødt). Labour, the Centre Party, the Socialist Party and the Greens have all stated that they will vote in favour of the motion, whereas the Government Parties – the Progress Party, Conservatives and the Liberals naturally will oppose it. The proposal therefore hinges on the support from the Christian Democrats to obtain a majority.

KrF in doubt

Party leader of the Christian Democrats, Knut Arild Hareide, will not comment on what the party will decide to do at present.

– I do not want to speculate on how KrF will handle the matter, the process will be finalized on Monday, Hareide says to NTB.

The Christian Democrats Parliamentary Deputy leader, Hans Fredrik Grøvan, does not want to comment on whether the information will affect the party’s assessment.

– I regard this as mere rumors, he tells NRK. The Prime Minister’s office does not want to comment on the matter on Sunday morning.

A number of Mayors from KrF are also skeptical to trigger a Governmental crisis. Many also are in doubt on how the party should handle the issue. NRK has talked to 12 of the Christian Democrats total of 17 Mayors throughout Norway. Half of them say they have not decided whether or not the party should support the vote of no confidence.

Not an option to listen to Støre

Labour leader, Jonas Gahr Støre, has opened for Listhaug to continue as Cabinet Minister if Prime Minister Erna Solberg (Conservatives) moves her to another Ministry, but that possible solution is firmly rejected by the Progress Party.

– It’s neither Labour nor Støre who has a say so in the composition of the Government. Listhaug does an excellent job and has not done anything wrong with regards to the Parliament. She has apologized and that ought to be enough, the Parliamentary leader of the Progress Party, Hans Andreas Limi, tells VG.

– Labour has full understanding of what they have started. A high stakes game that in its extreme consequence will lead to a Governmental crisis, Limi continues.

Prime Minister Erna Solberg emphasizes that she will comment on the vote of no confidence from Red in the Parliament, and nowhere else.


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