Restaurant manager at Le Benjamin: The Norwegian government needs to support restaurants

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Increased infection and corona restrictions could mean that redundancy notices are just around the corner, restaurant manager Ove André Jacobsen warns. He is asking the government to set forward support measures.

Ove André Jacobsen, the restaurant manager at Le Benjamin and a board member of the Norwegian Restaurant Association, told E24 that the redundancy notices have started to roll out.

“In previous lockdowns, the government has dragged its feet, and the money came very late. They can not do that now… It has to go fast,” he said.

Jacobsen: Wage subsidy scheme necessary

Jacobsen believes that a wage subsidy scheme is necessary to prevent laid-off people from going through the NAV system again. He warns that mass layoffs would be expensive.

NHO informed the newspaper that canceled Christmas dinner parties and dramatic declines in turnover have already put many people at risk of being laid off for Christmas.

Among other things, he believes a wage support scheme and a national compensation scheme are necessary. 

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