Restraint against psychiatric patients most often used in Stavanger


Restraint in psychiatric care occurs most often at the hospital in Stavanger. Close behind follows the hospitals in Bergen and Oslo, according to an overview of by the Directorate of Health.

In 2015, a decision on constraining measures was made against 10.1 percent of patients in the psychiatric care at Stavanger University Hospital (SUS).

At Haukeland University Hospital the number was 8.8 percent, while 8.6 percent of these patients were subject to force at Oslo University, NRK writes.

The summary shows the proportion of patients over 16 years old in 24 hour care with at least one registered restraining decision in 2015. The Act requires restraining to be used only when there is danger to life and health.

– It is not good enough to be at such a high level as we were in 2015. It’s also why we have initiated a process to get the percentage down, says deputy technical director for Health West, Paul Iden.

Least force was used at Nordland Hospital where 3.1 percent of the maximum of 30 simultaneous patients were subject to restraining measures.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today