Right wants permanently armed police at airports

PolicePolice.Photo: Vegard Wivestad Grøtt / NTB scanpix

The Conservatives want to make guns into a permanent part of the police uniform at major hubs that are believed to be obvious terrorist target, according to NRK news

On behalf of  politicians in Right at Stortinget working with these kinds of issues, parliamentary representative of Right, Peter Christian Frølich, suggested permanently arming the Norwegian police who are at these places on Monday.

A proposal that was quite similar to this, was rejected by Stortinget in 2015, but now  the party suggests that the police only are to be permanently armed in special places which are believed to be obvious terrorist target, such as railway stations and airports.

– I think people expectat  the police to be able to immediately intervene in the event of a disaster or a terrorist attack,  Frølich says.
The idea gets strongs support from the Norwegian Police Federation, but is opposed by the Christian Democrats and the Liberals, who do not want a gradual arming of the Norwegian police.

The Solberg government put together an expert committee in May to evaluate the practice and custom of an unarmed, Norwegian police. The committee will submit a report in March 2017.
Labor does not want to take a position on the matter, but asks Right to wait for the report commissioned by its government.
The way things currently work, the police, whether at Oslo Airport or other places, will have to run to a back room to get their weapons before they can protect the public in the event of a terrorist act.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today