Frp hopes for road tolls solution

Carl I. HagenCarl I. Hagen. Photo: Ole Berg-Rusten / NTB Scanpix

Frp hopes for road tolls solution in government negotiations

The Progress Party (Frp) still hopes for a solution to the road tolls predicament. “We expect to achieve something in the negotiations with the other government parties,” Hans Andreas Limi states.

The road tolls turmoil led to long discussions in the parliamentary group of the Progress Party during the extraordinary meeting on Tuesday. The aim of the meeting is to have a message to give to the Country leadership of the party, which will gather on Wednesday; this, to discuss what the Progress Party can do to stem its voter flight to FNB.

“We expect to achieve something together with the other parties. This will probably be the feedback from the national leadership tomorrow, as well,” Parliamentary Leader of the Progress Party, Hans Andreas Limi, informs after the meeting.


The four government partners are in a negotiating process, where the Progress Party tries to reach an agreement on factual measures with regards to road tolls.

“The negotiations are follow-up both of what is in the government platform and what is decided by the National Assembly,” Limi explains.

The National Assembly of the Progress Party decided to use petroleum revenues to cover a debt of NOK 100 billion, although the leadership argued against it. Nestor of the party, Carl I. Hagen, is considered as the driving force in the rebellion against road tolls.

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