Road vehicles prohibited from driving at Svinesund

Svinesund.Photo: Statens vegvesen / NTB scanpix

Of the 15 vehicles that were checked at Svinesund on Monday night, all driving bans were given due to poor tires.

‘’15 of 15 vehicles that have been stopped for controls at Svinesund tonight have been banned. The reason? Worn tires, not chained, and tires not suitable for driving on snow and iced roads. We will continue the controls during the evening’’ said the Public Roads Administration.

The photos that have been posted show thin-worn decks, and parked lorries in a row.

Driver expelled from Norway

A Russian truck driver has been expelled from Norway after driving without a chain and creating major traffic problems.

The man was first stopped on January 29th at Bjørnfjell crossing point. He was then ordered to drive with a chain on two of the tires at the back of the trailer. The lorry was barred until the faults were rectified.

The following day, the police in Nordland were notified of a truck that caused major traffic problems at Lødingen. It turned out that it was the same Russian driver who had driven further despite the ban. The driver was charged a penalty of NOK 11,000 for this.

In addition, the police district’s operational immigration unit investigated the man’s ID papers. It became clear that the man’s visa was no longer valid. The man had been illegal in Norway and Schengen for 34 days.

Last Friday, the man was put on a plane back to Russia and expelled from Norway for a period of two years, said Nordland police district.

The lorry must be picked up by the Russian company at its own expense.

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