Tourists robbed blind at museums in Oslo

Oseberg Bygdøy Museum Oslo robbedThe Oseberg ship on display at Bygdøy Island in Oslo. Photo: Public Domain

Tourists robbed blind at museums in Oslo

You may well think that this is about the entry tickets, but that is not the issue, this time around.

It is, in fact, about that several tourists have been robbed of wallets and purses at both the Fram and Kon-Tiki Museum at Bygdøy in Oslo. Police are hunting for three perpetrators.

Oslo Police District received notification of the thefts about half past three on Sunday afternoon.

“This has happened inside the museums, in areas where there were no surveillance cameras. A family has been robbed og 190 euros, while another has lost DKK 700. We are in contact with the victims and assist them as far as possible,” Operations Manager of Oslo Police District, Håkon Nilsen, tells NTB.

The police are looking for three men who have a Caucasian complexion, between 35 and 45 years old. The ferries that operate between Bygdøy Island and the Town Hall Quay (Rådhuskaia) are also under surveillance by the police.


Queue and delays on the E18

There are many who are travelling back home from Southern Norway after the summer vacation. This leads to a lot of traffic and delays on the E18 in the direction of Oslo.

The Norwegian Road Traffic Centre South reports about slow-moving queues and delays between Kragerø in Telemark and Drammen in Buskerud.

Traffic is increasing, the Road Traffic Centre tweets.

There were delays of 20 minutes on the E18 between Kragerø and Larvik already at 2 pm.

At the exit after the Kleiven Tunnel in Drammen, there was a traffic accident in the northbound direction at 1 pm. This caused some traffic problems. This is cleared up, but the speed is reduced due to oil spills at the accident site, Southeast Police District informs.

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