Robot grass cutter is dangerous for hedgehogs

hedgehogsRobot grass cutter is dangerous for hedgehogs.Photo: Troll Veterinær Klinikk / NTB scanpix

The organization Hedgehogs assistance center warns people against using robotic grass cutters at night, they report more scalping hedgehog.

– They are shaved, and sometimes it goes so deeply into the skin on them which they must be euthanized, said Åse Salty Borgen as a supporter working in hedgehog’s assistance center in Rogaland. She added that it is difficult to say whether the injuries caused by manual grass-cutters or robots.

– But we’ve gone out with notice to garden owners and asked them to use robotic grass cutters during the day as hedgehogs are most active in the evening and at night, said by Borgen.

Get your head chopped off

Hedgehogs have a tough life, said by veterinarian Hege Thorsen at Troll animal clinic. If there are not cars or snail poison, then it will be robotic grass cutters. She first saw lacerations inflicted by grass cutters in England.

– When I worked there, we received many hedgehogs with this type of injury. Most will simply head chopped off and die right away, said Thorsen.

At the clinic in Bergen they get into many hedgehogs every week for various reasons but it is mostly young animals that have lost their mother and need feeding.

In Sweden, district veterinarians raised the alarm about hedgehogs being scalped by grass cutters.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today