Romanians imprisoned in pill case in Stavanger

PrisonPrison: Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix

Three Romanian citizens were sentenced to imprisonment in Stavanger District Court for possession of 6,000 Rivotril tablets.

One of the accused explained that the pills were exchanged for amphetamine and cocaine that he would use himself, reported the newspaper Stavanger Aftenblad.

At the end of June, the men hid the pills in the camper van of a woman. Then they sat in the back of the motorhome and drove from Oslo to Stavanger, where they stopped the camper and took pills.

When police attempted to stop the Romanian’s vehicle, they tried to run away, in such a manner, the judgment described as ‘very aggressive’.

One of the three defendants was at the time already indicted in another pill case in Oslo, and in August was sentenced to 26 days in prison by Oslo District Court.

Two of the defendants, a 46 year old and a 22-year-old, both acknowledged guilt and were sentenced to ten months’ imprisonment.

The last of the three, a 26 year old man, denied culpability. He was sentenced to seven months in prison, as the court believed that he played a less central role in the case.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today