Rope ferry capsized at Frysja in Oslo

Scout camp Frysja OsloFrom the scout camp at Frysja. Photo: Kjelsåsspeiderne / Facebook

Rope ferry capsized on a pond at Frysja in Oslo

19 persons were brought out of the water when a rope ferry capsized on a pond at Frysja in Oslo. Nobody was injured in the incident.

The police received notification of the incident at 2.25 pm on Sunday. The emergency services moved out to the Brekkedammen Pond at Frysja in Oslo. Divers searched the water and along the waterfront. Helicopters were deployed as well.

19 persons were picked up from the water.

“In addition, there were some who left the scene before we arrived,” Operations Manager in the Oslo Police District, Marianne Heidenstrøm, tells NTB.

Nobody was injured in the incident, which happened during an annual scout event.

Children fell into the pond

All persons on board supposedly fell into the pond when the ferry capsized. The ferry is a kind of pontoon quay that is pulled across the water by ropes.

“The age range of those who fell into the pond is large, that is, every age group from small children to persons in their sixties,” Heidenstrøm explains.

People who were at the pond helped several onto dry land. Some jumped into the water to help, NRK journalist Ingerid Stenvold, who was present, informs.

“There were persons of all age groups on the ferry. The youngest was a toddler,” Stenvold confirms.



Sound decision

The accident occurred during an annual scout event near the Brekkedammen Pond at Frysja.

Scout Leader for the group, Åsmund Vikenes, tells NRK that they have used the ferry for 44 years, and thought it was responsible to do so.

“We think that this was sound, as we had personnel on both sides, and a skipper on board,” he explains.

Vikenes says that the scouts will now go through their routines.

The police are investigating the capsizing

The police are following up on the incident to obtain statements from persons on the spot and conduct investigations.

The incident will be investigated. The police report that it is too early to say anything about the cause of the capsizing.

I dag har vi hatt Kjelsåsspeidernes dag for 44. året på rad, og i år hadde vi en hendelse med kabelferga som kantret….

Geplaatst door Kjelsåsspeiderne op Zondag 2 juni 2019

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