Ropstad escapes from handling LGBTQ policy

OSLO PRIDE PARADE KrF leader Knut Arild Hareide with his wife Lisa Maria LGBTQKnut Arild Hareide (Christian Democrats) with his wife Lisa Maria in the Pride Parade. Terje Bendiksby / NTB scanpix

Ropstad escapes from handling LGBTQ policy

Deputy Leader of the Christian Democrats, Kjell Ingolf Ropstad, becomes Minister of Children and Family but escapes responsibility for gender equality and LGBTQ policy, centrally placed sources tell NRK.


The ministerial post that Ropstad is now probably taking over is in the Ministry of Children and Equality, but the responsibility for gender equality will be transferred to the Leader of the Liberals, Trine Skei Grande. Grande wishes to be titled as Minister for Culture and Gender Equality.

It’s about the Christian Democrats allowed to concentrate on their child and family profile, but escaping from noise related to LGBTQ and abortion issues, which are demanding for the Christian Democrats. At the same time, Grande gets a larger and broader portfolio in the Ministry of Culture, the source informs NRK.

Ropstad, therefore, takes over the philosophy of life and religious matters in the Solberg Government, which has previously been the auspices of Grande.

The Christian Democrats Deputy Leader has, not surprisingly, stated that it is not natural for him to join the LGBTQ Pride parade.

“I think I might not have been a participant in the Gay Pride Parade. I think giving support to gays and their human dignity is very important, but does not necessarily have to participate actively to show that,” Ropstad told the national broadcaster (NRK) in 2017.

Deputy Leader of the Young Christian Democrats resigns

Nikolai Skogan from Troms is leaving the youth organisation. The reason is that the Christian Democrats is now entering into the bourgeois Government.

“About seven years ago I became a member of the Christian Democrats. I spent a lot of time on political work and found it meaningful. After the last National Convention of the Christian Democrats, where a majority chooses to join a Government dominate by the Conservative and Progress Party,  I have no choice but to resign,” he posts on Facebook. [He only shares posts with friends.]

The Christian newspaper, Vårt Land, was the first to mention the matter.

“I can’t be associated with what my party has agreed to. Last election campaign I travelled throughout the county of Troms and could promise that my party would not enter into Government with the Progress Party. That solemn promise is now being broken, and I can’t continue,” he adds.

With a slight majority, the Christian Democrats decided at their extraordinary Convention before Christmas to seek cooperation with the current Government. The decision to enter the Solberg Government was approved by the Christian Democrats’ Central Committee on Thursday.

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