Ropstad wants a rematch on abortion

Kjell Ropstad KrF abortion probesDeputy Leader and possible crown prince, Kjell Ropstad (KrF). Photo:

Ropstad wants a rematch on the abortion question

Deputy Leader of KrF, Kjell Ingolf Ropstad, believes the Christian Democrats now has a unique opportunity to gain acceptance for their claim to deny abortion after week 12 – especially if the Party takes a step to the right.


Ropstad believes that the Christian Democrats should promote that women should be denied abortion after week 12 as one of its most important demands in the Government talks, whether they are with Erna Solberg (Conservatives) or Jonas Gahr Støre (Labour), writes VG.

– KrF now has a historic opportunity to decide who will be the Prime Minister, but as important is the political impact we can obtain. The fight against the so-called sorting society is one of the most important issues for KrF, and I think we now have a historic opportunity to make important changes in the struggle against that, Ropstad elaborates to NTB.

To say no to abortion of an unwanted twin, which involves removing one or more of the fetuses from multiple child pregnancies, as well as denying access to abortion after week 12 in the case of defects in the fetus, should be demands promoted by KrF in Government negotiations, says Ropstad.

– Currently, you can abort until week 18, and in special cases until week 21, if there are serious defects in the fetus. Down’s syndrome is, for instance, viewed as a serious defect. This is a grading of human worth until birth, which we do not wish for, Ropstad emphasises.

Extremely difficult to the Left

To the Christian newspaper, Dagen Ropstad says that he believes it will be extremely difficult to come to an agreement with the Left on abortion.

– KrF is in a historical position to decide which direction the party is heading regarding this issue. Therefore, I think we must enter into a Government led by Erna Solberg. It will increase the chances of gaining acceptance, Ropstad explains to the newspaper.

Ropstad is in direct opposition to his Party Leader, Knut Arild Hareide, in the stance of whether the Christian Democrats should enter into Government with the bourgeois or with Labour (Ap) and Centre Party (Sp) with support from the Socialist Party (SV). The Party will decide this issue at an extraordinary National Assembly on November 2nd, and both sides of the divided Party are now mobilising to gain the majority vote for their stance.


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