Ropstad wishes for better distribution

Kjell Ropstad Party logo Trøndelag KrFDeputy Leader Kjell Ropstad (KrF), is het hottest candidate if Hareide steps down. Photo: Stortinget /NTM

Ropstad wishes for better distribution at the National Assembly

KrF’s Deputy Leader, Kjell Ingolf Ropstad, wants the County Council meetings to provide a better distribution of delegates to the all-important National Assembly on November 2nd.


The demarcations in the Christian Democrats (KrF) have been enhanced further after the County Council meeting in Rogaland this weekend chose a delegation where the «blue» representatives dominate, even though one third supports a cooperation with the Labour Party (Ap) and the Centre Party (Sp), with the backing from the Socialists (SV).

Ropstad received great support in the county council for its view that the party has to negotiate government participation with the Conservatives (Høyre), the Progress Party (FrP) and the Liberals (Venstre). But he is critical of the process, even so.

– We, the Management, has stated that we want the delegates to reflect the different voices in the counties. We wish they had put together the delegation in a way that had taken better care of that, he tells NTB.

It is called for a National Council meeting on Monday afternoon or evening, says Communications Manager in KrF, Mona Høvset. She adds that there was a demand from county leaders for such a meeting to take place, which will be done by phone.

Ropstad states that the Party leadership also wanted to plant «a foot firmly on the ground».

– The main purpose of the meeting is to talk together when we are in such a challenging phase, he goes on to say.

Stand together

He says the party must stand together through the selection of the path ahead. Asking if he is worried about if that is achievable, he answers:

– I do not want to use the word worried. But when the National Assembly is approaching, both the temperature and awareness will increase. Then it’s important to attempt to stand together, Ropstad continues.

The Deputy Leader points out that the Country Council meeting cannot decide how County Council meetings should reach their decision.

One of three participants at the County Council meeting in Rogaland voted for party leader Knut Arild Hareide’s advice to enter into Government with the Labour Party and the Centre Party at the mercy of the Socialists. However, only one of the 16 elected delegates, County Governor Tengesdal, support this change of political affinity. A bench proposal to choose according to the proportionality principle was rejected.

The KrF Women also mainly voted in favour of the current Government this weekend and will send a divided delegation.

Commentators have named Ropstad as the hottest candidate to take over the Party leadership if Hareide is not allowed to take a left turn.

Hareide surprised

Hareide also reacts to Rogaland’s election of delegates. Just before the weekend, there was an email from the Management to the county leaders with a call to choose delegates who reflect the minority voice.

– I am surprised that Rogaland KrF chooses not to listen to an advice from the whole party leadership to do whatever they can to ensure that both sides are represented at the National Assembly. Rogaland sends a signal to the rest of the party that I hope is not listened to, Hareide, whose political future may hinge on the outcome, informs NTB.

On Monday evening a total of 16 delegates will be elected among the county representatives in Buskerud, Hedmark and Finnmark.

At the National Assembly on November 2nd, 190 delegates will vote on the way ahead for the Christian Democrats. According to NRK’s mapping, There are currently 35 delegates who support Hareide’s proposal and 58 who want to enter the current Government instead. The leadership does not want to consider the third option, which is desired by 17 delegates, ie to remain in opposition.



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