The royal couple went ashore

Kongeskipet NorgeKongeskipet Norge.Photo: Cornelius Poppe / NTB scanpix

The royal couple went to land from the royal ship Norway for the last time this season.


While the extreme weather Knud was on his way into the Oslo Fjord, King Harald moored the royal ship in Frognerkilen in Oslo Friday afternoon.

“This week moors His Majesty King Harald The Kingship,” it said from the Monarch Week Program. Translated to modern Norwegian means that he goes to land for the season.

In the company of Queen Sonja, the king inspected the ship and talked with the crew before the ship is to be prepared for the next season. After the inspection, the royal couple was taken back to land in the smaller royal boat.

– This marks the end of the year’s season for the ship, the last official trip was Crown Prince’s county tour in Vestfold, writes Kongehuset on its websites.

In June, the royal couple used the ship as a base during their tour of Nordland.

The Kingship Norway is owned by the King, but is managed by the Armed Forces. The crew is more than halved in the winter months than in the summer when the crew is 54.

The Kingship was originally a present from the people to King Haakon on his 75th birthday. In 1947, the ten-year-old British yacht Philante was bought and rebuilt for use as the Royal yacht. On June 9, 1948, the ship was transferred to King Haakon. The ship was then named Norway.


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