Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Norway reacts to NRK TVs Urix program

Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in NorwayRoyal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Norway .Photo: © Kjetil Ree

The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Norway commented on Tuesday’s Urix program.

The Saudi citizen, Loujain al-Hathloul, was imprisoned with other women on charges of threats to state security, and co-operation with foreign countries hostile to Saudi Arabia, and is legally liable.

Some were released and others are under investigation. The prisoners are being treated in accordance with the law that protects their rights in terms of healthcare, contact with their parents and provides them with a lawyer.

The thing has nothing to do with the activists’ demand for the right to drive a car or being against the guardian system. Human rights have nothing to do with their imprisonment.

The Saudi statement:

As for the war in Yemen, it is a Yemeni-Yemeni war that has been going on for several years. Saudi Arabia intervened at the request of the legitimate government of Yemen and in accordance with international law and to protect its borders against attacks by the Houthi militia. Saudi Arabia has supported political solutions to stabilise Yemen and to end the suffering of the population, including through food supply and medical aid, as well as banking support finances.

Yemen’s extended humanitarian crisis is due to the Houthi militia’s breach of international conventions. Drone-controlled ballistic missiles were targeted at oil pumping stations in Saudi Arabia. Altogether, 224 rockets have been shot against Saudi Arabia. This threatens the security of the region and the world economy. Land mines are used against civilians in areas belonging to the legitimate government.

Iran supports the Houthi terrorist militia by providing them with rockets and weapons. The international community must take responsibility for ending the Iranian influence in Yemen, which will end the war and bring peace to Yemen.

Source: © #Norway Today