Royal properties are not sufficiently secured after July 22nd

Royal Palace Castle Royal HouseThe Royal Palace in Oslo, Norway. Photo Norway Today Media

The security measures of royal properties against terrorist attacks have still not been implemented, despite large allocations in several state budgets. Tens of millions are left unused.

The security department of the Royal Court are behind when it comes to their work to secure buildings and properties after the terrorist attacks of July 22nd. This is apparent from the accounts of the Royal Court for the last three years.

Since 2014, the Government has so far allocated a total of NOK 47 million for protection of royal properties, including the Royal Palace. At year-end, almost NOK 30 million was still unused, according to the annual report for 2016.

The measures appear in a safety analysis the police directorate has commissioned on behalf of the Ministry of Justice following the terrorist attacks against the Government quarter and Utøya on July 22nd 2011.

The backdrop is the general increase in the level of security around private and public buildings and businesses with high national or symbol value that is deemed necessary after the terrorist acts.

 Slow progression

– The security project has been slower than expected, writes chief executive officer, Gry Mølleskog, in the annual report for 2015, while in the annual report last year she said that ‘the security project has not begun implementation of the measures still being pre-projected.’

The money is granted over the national budgets for 2015 and 2016 – NOK 20 million each year – and in the revised national budget for 2014 – NOK 7 million.

The funds are additional grants to measures that are so expensive that the regular Royal grants of around NOK 200 million kroner do not cover them.

– It took a bit of time in the start-up phase,” said the Royal Court’s Communications Manager, Marianne Hagen, to NTB.

– We now have good development and control of the situation. It has been important for us to ensure proper quality assurance at all stages before implementing the measures, she says.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today