‘Russ’ bit and kicked the police in Bergen

Police at work. mass brawlOslo.Police at work.Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

The Police were hit and kicked and several youngsters where sprayed with pepper spray after tumults in Glasskaråsen in Bergen. Seven people were arrested.

The police reported night to Sunday that a party in Glasskaråsen was out of control and that they therefore sent a patrol there. It is referred to as a inauguration party for the ‘Russ’ at a private address.

– When police arrived, they immediatly reported that there were 60-70 youngsters there and a complete chaos. They wanted to talk with the owner, but the atmosphere was so tense that they had to pull out and ask for assistance, Operations Manager in the Police, Terje Magnussen, told NTB.

– At first, they started to throw bottles at the police, then stones and finally they went for the police car and officials, says Magnussen.


One of the police was bitten in the finger whilst another was attacked with pepper spray and kicked while lying down. Both were checked at the emergency centre afterwards and did not suffer any damage.

The police tweet that “some youngsters are peppered – several arrested”. According to Magnussen, seven youngsters are arrestested, and that they are working to get an overview of who did what.

Magnussen says the situation night before Sunday are some of the worst they have had to contend with in a ‘Russ’ related event.

– We asked everyone to leave the premisses, but there was a group that refused to do so. It’s difficult to say why it became so tense, but we had five to ten patrols there to gain control. If that’s how the ‘Russ’ are going to behave, something must be done, Magnussen states.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today