Russia astonished over plans for US Marines at Værnes

Russian flagRussian flag.Photo:Pixabay

Russia is wondering about plans stating that 300 US troops will be stationed at Værnes in Trøndelag and they believe that it will violate a line that was not crossed even during the Cold War.

In an email to the newspaper Adresseavisen, the Russian Embassy in Oslo claims that it has always been an advantage for Norway that the country has not allowed foreign troops to be stationed on Norwegian soil.
– This policy was upheld even throughout the Cold War and has been an advantage for Norway as a partner of other NATO countries, according to the email, which was penned by the press attaché Maxim Gurov.
He also makes reference to numerous statements by the Norwegian authorities stating that there is no threat from Russia against Norway.

– We wonder why Norway is so willing to increase military capacity by allowing the stationing of US forces at Værnes.

The plans to accommodate 300 soldiers from the US Marines at Værnes was announced earlier this month. Adresseavisen wrote that the American force could be in place by January.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today