Russia has blocked Norwegian online newspaper

Russian flagRussian flag.Photo:Pixabay

The online newspaper, The Barents Observer, has been blocked in Russia, after the Russian media supervisor responded in January to an interview
with a gay Sami man.

As of Tuesday morning, the online newspaper has been unavailable to Russian readers reported The Barents Observer.

According to the online newspaper, several sources have stated that they do not have access to the website in Russia, as well as traffic on the site clearly showing a decline in Russian readers.

The blockage comes about a month after the Russian media supervisor Roskomnadzor announced on January 28 that they would block the online newspaper. The reason was official because of a portrait interview with Dan Eriksson, a gay Sami man in northern Sweden. In the interview he told about the process of how he ‘came out’, attempted
suicide, and how he works to help others.

The Russian media supervisor believes the case is contrary to Russian law. In a letter, they then gave the online newspaper 24 hours to retract the article.

Nettavisen newspaper had not complied with the requirements of Russian media supervisor.

In addition, Vitaly Milonov, who is a member of the House of Commons of the Russian National Assembly, had gone hard against the online newspaper. He stated that the newspaper should be blocked and that diplomatic action should be taken if publication of similar material, which is also in Russian, continues.

The charges appear to have reached Russian authorities, as the Norwegian online newspaper was blocked on Tuesday.

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