Russia responds to not being invited to Finnmark

Frank Bakke-JensenMinister of Defence Frank Bakke-Jensen (The Conservative Party).Photo: Rune Stoltz Bertinussen / NTB scanpix

The Russian embassy believes that the lack of invitation to the liberation anniversary in Finnmark shows that Norway is not ready to revitalise the stressed relationship between our two countries.


Defence Minister Frank Bakke-Jensen of Høyre (H) told Klassekampen newspaper last week that Russia’s President,Vladimir Putin, had to deserve to be invited to attend the 75th anniversary of the Soviet liberation.

‘’Norway is a small country. We are not a matter of international law,we are completely in favour of international law. Responsibility for showing that Russia takes international law seriously lies with Vladimir Putin,’’ he said.

The Russian embassy believe the minister does not represent the perception of most Norwegians, who they still feel are grateful for the Soviet Union’s efforts in the liberation.

“The statements show once again that the Norwegian side is not ready to revitalize bilateral relations, even making room for further worsening, if judging by the superior tone in the words used by the minister,” wrote the press officer, Olga Kiriak at that Russian Embassy in an email to Klassekampen.

Furthermore, she wrote that the statements “worsen” the relationship,and that Russia “would hardly be able to express themselves in such a disrespectful manner of representatives of the political leadership in the neighbouring country, whatever they might think of them.”

2,122 Soviet soldiers lost their lives during the offensive as Russia led in the liberation.The anniversary will take place in Kirkenes on October 25th of next year.


© NTB scanpix / #Norway Today